Beleza School Uniforms
The greatest testament to Beleza being able to support what we claim to offer is from what our clients say. Competitors can claim to offer some of what we do but at the end of the day it isn’t about “what we say we can do”, but more what the marketplace experience when dealing with us.
We have listed below a number of testimonials from schools who would be happy to confirm that Beleza can deliver on our promises.
SCHOOL'S feedback comments:
"We are grateful for your support amd because of your generosity we were able to raise the much needed funds to put towards new facilities within our school, to be utilised by existing and future families"(30th August, 2006).
"As a school we are extremely grateful when we receive support such as yours as there is never enough money to go around" (5th October, 2006).
- "Thank you for your support. It enables the College Council to ensure that students continue to receive the best possible educational opportunities ..." (30th July, 2006).
"...your compnay has provided a high quality service to our students and parents. As a company, Beleza has made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of our students and families through generous discounting and donations of uniform" (3rd November, 2006).
"Once again many thank you to you and your wife for your support to the College is so many ways" (22nd August, 2006).
"Thank you for supporting our Presentation Evening and Afternoon with your donation of $100 and 10 vouchers" (3rd October, 2006).
"Beleza's ongoing commitment to the .... Learning Community is greatly appreciated and we highly value our partnership" (3rd November, 2006).