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Beleza utilise experts in fabric design, manufacturing processes and technological advances both here and overseas to continually improve and hone our offerings to the schools. This continual internal auditing of the business ensures we are proactive and at the cutting edge of anything new that would benefit our clients. An example is Beleza using environmentally friendly dye in all overseas production, thus helping keep our world green.

Beleza manufacturing includes both a local and overseas option. As the quality of overseas product has continually improved over the years, many schools prefer this option based on the pricing advantages this offers. The issues faced by our competitors in this industry are the potential inconsistencies of fabrics & colours, small order requests and control of delivery times.

Beleza is one of the only school uniform suppliers in Australia who own and manage the overseas manufacturing plant. This ensures total control over fabrics, colours and delivery times.
Understanding that there is always a requirement for “Australian Made” and smaller orders that cannot be made overseas, Beleza has set up the local manufacturing in such a way that these requirements can be met with pricing kept as close as possible to overseas prices.
Please call with your specific request and we can coordinate for you