Beleza School Uniforms
Unmatched Product Quality: Across every product, Beleza consistently provides better quality garments than other suppliers
Superior Pricing & Services: Without question, Beleza WILL ALWAYS MATCH OR BEAT any competitor’s price on garments of similar quality, matched with service levels second to none.
Comprehensive Sampling: Beleza WILL ALWAYS manufacture samples of any garment to allow robust quality control to be undertaken by the school.
Unrivalled Consistency: Beleza is one of the RARE UNIFORM SUPPLIERS in Australia who own and manage both local and overseas manufacturing plants, ensuring DEILVERY DATES, FABRICS, COLOURS and STRINGENT QUALITY CONTROL are met each and every order.
On & Off Campus Shop Support: Beleza is one of the FEW UNIFORM SUPPLIERS to offer schools both an internal shop facility and where there is sufficient demand, a retail outlet located within a reasonable proximity to the school and its students population.
Ongoing Discounts, Sales and Specials: FREE Membership to the Beleza Uniform Club is offered to parents and students alike to ensure FURTHER DISCOUNTS AND SAVINGS on all purchases. Membership provides discounts ranging from 5% to 20%.
Non-Exclusive Demands: Beleza appreciates some schools may have preferred supplier agreements in place that cannot be easily exited so therefore also OFFER ALL OF THE ABOVE BENEFITS NON-EXCLUSIVELY. We are THAT CONFIDENT of Beleza providing parents and students with the decision to exercise their choice on the value of our product quality and service.
Grant, Scholarships, Sponsorships and Donations: Beleza is an active and strong believer in philanthropy, offering GRANTS, SCHOLARSHIPS, SPONSORSHIPS & DONATIONS to schools and its students.
Supporting our Schools