Beleza School Uniforms
Whilst many promise but don’t deliver, Beleza wins school after school based on the fundamental principles that all schools irrespective of structure or denomination, constantly seek;
Product Quality: No other supplier currently servicing schools can offer any better quality fabrics or garments than Beleza. In particular, even basic fabrics such as Fleecy are supplied to schools using a weight and grade of Super Fleecy that no other supplier chooses to match.
Superior Pricing & Service: Without question, Beleza will always offer the best possible price on any item currently supplied by a competitor, guaranteed each and every time. As Beleza grows we will continue to ensure we maintain and exceed the service levels that have helped build the business through positive word of mouth (see "Testimonials section)
Comprehensive Sampling: Beleza will make up samples of any garment to allow robust quality control to be undertaken by the school. This ensures complete peace of mind in the garment quality and consistency to current school garments. Where relevant, Beleza will even sample optional fabrics and styles to present to the school for consideration where price advantages would exist for the students without effecting the quality or expectations of the school branding.
Beleza therefore control ever facet of the production line from fabric requisition, dying, cutting, make and trim, through to packaging and quality control. This is quite unique for this industry..
On & Off Campus Shop Support: Beleza is happy to provide a uniform store on school premises or alternatively, where there is sufficient demand, open a retail outlet five and a half days a week. Beleza also offer all parents and student free membership to the Beleza Uniform Club, entitling them to a 5% discount off all purchases at our retail store, 365 days of the year.
Non-Exclusive Demands: Beleza is so confident that every school will see merit in the points of difference offered to the school to the point that Beleza would not insist to be the exclusive supplier to a school. In many cases, Beleza start as the alternative school uniform supplier to a school and over time, secure preferred school uniform supplier as teachers, parents and students’ alike support the superior, value and quality of products and service levels offered by Beleza.
Grant, Scholarships, Sponsorships & Donations: Beleza is an active and strong believer in philanthropy, offering Grants, Scholarships, Sponsorships & Donations to schools and students. These can be tailored to each school to ensure the best fit for everyone.
Progressive Company : As a forward thinking and proactive company, Beleza continues to grow and service a greater number of schools across many geographic regions. Beleza has a simple philosophy of listening to the schools and more importantly the feedback from the parents to ensure all products meet the required criteria of quality at truly affordable prices.
For a risk-free and informal evaluation of your current range of uniforms and to view first-hand the significant price and service benefits Beleza offers, please feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation